Equine Cooling Spray
  • Equine Cooling Spray

    Strathheaven Equine Cooling Spray
    Cools & soothes tired legs & muscles
    Intensive cooling spray for horses.
    • Cools & Revitalises
    • Helps soothe muscle strains
    • Helps reduce swelling
    • Helps reduce itching from insect bites
    • Helps to soothe bruising
    • Great to cool down the whole body after exercise
    • Great for use in hot weather
    Directions for use: Spray evenly where required. Avoid contact with eyes.
    • Soft spray

      Gentle but powerful mist spray to hep prevent horse shying and spooking. 

      We have found that our horses hate being sprayed with traditional trigger jet sprays. Our equine body and mane sprays are quiet and gentle while still providing excellent coverage of the product.

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