Equine Peppermint Bit Cleaning Spray
  • Equine Peppermint Bit Cleaning Spray

    Strathheaven Equine Peppermint Bit Cleaning Spray
    Saves the need to rinse under water, preventing your bridle from getting wet. 
    Great when introducing the bit to a young horse and for any bit shy horses. 
    •  Peppermint Flavoured
    •  Removes Debris & Saliva
    •  No water needed
    •  Non-Toxic & Safe
    •  Great for bit shy horses
    •  Encourages Salivation
    •  Encourages acceptance of the bit


    Directions: Shake well before use. Spray directly onto bit and wipe clean. For ingrained dirt leave for 5 minutes before wiping. Test on a hidden area before use. Can be sprayed onto the bit just before tacking up to encourage horses to accept the bit more readily.
      VAT Included

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      Isobel Carr

      Quick results

      Good product. Noticed a difference quite quickly. Happy horse and owner. Thanks :)

      Mariya O

      MSM powder

      Great quality all round. Happy with purchase. Will buy again

      Aariz Byrd

      Arthritis sufferer

      Thought I'd give this a try after seeing on ebay. Works great on knees and elbows

      Mitchell Wilde


      Pleased with product.

      Toni h

      Shake before use

      This stuff is deceiving. Plain packaging and no frills but it definitely removes stains. 2 month old tea stain gone after trying a few other products with no luck. Great stuff

      Beckie flynn

      Great product.

      Removes all kinds of stains. Smells amazing. I would highly recommend.


      Mighty stuff

      Very good stain remover better than a lot of name brands. Bottle is a bit fiddly being a finger pump type. Postage was quick

      Delia Reed

      Quality and quick to arrive

      Great price compared to to a lot of named brands. Postage fast and packaged well. Very pleased

      Nicolas p


      Plain no nonsense packaging and good price. Powder is very good quality. Free postage was very quick and packaged well

      Anna Haynes

      Great value

      Good product at a reasonable price. Will definitely use again. Many thanks

      Claire Sw

      Great product

      Excellent stuff. Have been buying on eBAy for a few months and noticed slightly cheaper here. Noticed a difference after the first few weeks. Always well packaged and arrives quickly even ordering a week before Xmas.

      Joseph Mills


      Have been using this product since the beginning of the pandemic and quality is excellent. No hidden additives and made in the UK .
      Originally purchased on eBay but found ordering through here easier and slightly cheaper. Always fast delivery. Great stuff

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