Peppermint Cooling Shampoo for Horses
  • Peppermint Cooling Shampoo for Horses

    Natural refreshing cooling formula. Ideal for use after exercise or on hot days. 
    It's active ingredients cools skin, removes sweat and dirt and helps protect against flies, as well as cleaning and conditioning the coat.  
    Penetrates deep into the coat making it clean, shiny and soft.
    •  Cools skin after exercise
    •  Helps protect from flies
    •  Cleans & Conditions
    •  Removes Sweat whilst cooling
    •  Contains essential oils
    •  Suitable for all coats
    •  Leaves coat soft, clean & shiny


    Directions: Shake well before use. Add 20ml of shampoo per litre of water, or apply directly to wet coat. Work into a lather for a deep conditioning wash and rinse well.
      VAT Included |